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Formed in 2012, Kazuki JJ is a Kathmandu based ska/rock band, consisting of members JJ on vocal and guitar, Sanjay on guitar Suzen on bass and Samrat on the drums. In their initial struggling years, the band was led solely by the lead  vocalist JJ through various line-up changes, until the current shift of members, thus they adopted this name Kazuki JJ. Newari for ‘Just do it JJ’.



The lead singer JJ (J. Joshi) started his musical career at the age of 16 and is performing since 1995 in Nepal. One of his top concerts was on 2000AD millenium at which he  shared the stage with Mukti and Revival, Namaste band and other various artists. In year 2002 he moved to London where he has recorded, performed and toured with dozen of other artists over the years.

W hile the country was at the peak of thought battle with national and provincial election, this December, an effort to spread the message of “love and peace” was much needed and what form of tool would be better than the music and that too a genre whose heart and soul is rooted to spread this message, Reggae music. So for the very first time in Nepal, Retro Media Nepal Pvt. Ltd, a Kathmandu based event management company, organised the “Kathmandu Reggae and Ska Festival”.

“We were sitting around brainstorming what project to do next and then Jaggu Dai of Ka Zuki JJ, suggested we do a Reggae themed Festival. We immediately accepted and started working towards it” says Gomesh Upreti, CEO of Retro Media Nepal. Then Gomesh along with the team of Rajat, Jachwin, Saurav and Session with guidance of Jaggu began the planning of a series of concerts rather than just one event.

Sponsored by Bacardi, co-sponsored by Nepal Ice and supported by Hotel Wanderlust, Kathmandu Reggae and Ska Festival began from 9th December at The Hut Bar, Maitighar with Ka Zukki JJ, Charko and Anil Dangol taking the stage. The crowd of around 100 enjoyed every bit of rhythm and melody and continued to enjoy till past midnight

The second in the series took place at The House of Music, Thamel on 16th December with Ka Zukki JJ again taking the stage, which continued the vibe of the last gig.

Then after a week on 23rd of December, the main event took place at The Purple Haze Rock Bar, Thamel. The gig started at around 5 PM with Cultivation and the Himalions, who fused traditional reggae with psychedelic touch. The crowd soon grew to enjoy the band and the dance started. Next up was the popular Joint Family Internationale, who gave a very tight performance of their original songs including Netaji. Their fusion of reggae and jazz was a unique treat. After JFI boiled to the crowd the final band Ka Zuki JJ took to the stage and the crowd soared with their performances. The unique approach of the frontman Jaggu, who involves the crowd through interactions was a show stealer of the gig.

The festival came to an end at around 8:30 PM and the crowd got their money back with awesome entertainment. Most of the hardcore Reggae lovers were expecting a traditional reggae music but were not disappointed with the fused versions of the band.

“The turnover of the crowd, of around 350-400 was unexpected, since several gigs coincided the same day and venue”; says Saurav, one of the organisers.

The organisers hope to continue the theme on yearly basis.



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