K azuki JJ is a Nepali ska rock band from Kathmandu, Nepal, formed in 2012. The band’s line-up consists of JJ (vocals and guitar), Suzeen Raj Bajracharya (Bass) Samrat Manandhar (drum).

The lead singer JJ (J.Joshi) started his musical career at the age of 16 and is performing since 1995 in Nepal. One of his top concerts was on 2000AD millennium at which he shared the stage with Mukti and Revival, Namaste band and other various artists. In the year 2002 he moved to London where he has recorded, performed and toured with dozens of other artists over the years, including International and national artist such as Mukti and Revival, Robin and the new revolution and Cobweb. In the underground scene he performed with band members of Jugaa, Inside 2 stoopid triangles, Cruentus and the London Base Fusion band Layasutra. JJ also performed around UK in collaboration with GIGextra and music4children, in order to raise funds and awareness for the children of Nepal. In holding these events JJ intend to create an opportunity to promote Nepalese music and culture in the UK and also to raise awareness about the displaced children of Nepal as a consequence of long civil war.

Eventually JJ’s popularity increased gradually beyond London and performed in different countries throughout Europe and in Japan.


R ooted in ska, rock and funk, JJ later experimented with several musical styles, ranging from reggae, and chill romantic tunes and sometimes with a blend of ethnic drums and percussions to introduce the Nepali instruments to the international music scene.

Currently JJ is teaming up with his old friends back home in Kathmandu, Nepal. They follow the meaning of the band’s name: ‘Just do it JJ!’ ( in Newari Language).

The band composed and recorded 13 tracks then released their EP on 1st of July 2017, prior to a full length album. The songs already have become a favorite amongst many. Since the songs have become popular the band has come with some merchandise (T-shirts) which are being sold around Nepal ,Europe and UK.

After 13 years performing in UK, Europe and Japan the band is ready to rock the stage in Nepal and launch their Album! The first event will be held in Kathmandu upon more will follow.


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